Demand Planning in the Aerospace Industry

Reduce your planning efforts!

Whether you obtain your data from your ERP system, in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV format:
DISKOVER Aerospace is your partner in creating a consistant demand planning across 24 months and maintains it automatically, based on your customers’ data. Statistical procedures will fill in the gaps in your forecast data and hence provide you with a complete and effortless demand planning.

Consumption, forecasts and cadences always on hand

Since graphic information is processed 60.000 times faster than texts, DISKOVER Aerospace offers also a graphic display of your demand planning in addition to its tabular counterpart. That makes it easier for you to keep an eye on monthly consumption rates, forecasts and cadences. Any deviation in demand will thus be spotted immediately and you can counteract at once.

Due to DISKOVER Aero, we were able to massively reduce the planning costs and thus our sales planners can now focus on intelligent interpretation, evaluation and addition instead of having to do the defective manual editing of numerical series.

Dr. Marie-Catherine Peressini, Head of Sales Planning
PFW Aerospace

Satisfied customers due to highly reliably delivery

Your customers need their ordered products quickly and reliably. Which makes a high delivery reliability a key factor of your success. The simulations in DISKOVER Aerospace help you to achieve the required readiness for delivery constantly, as DISKOVER determines the optimal strategy for stocking and replenishment for you – by strictly following your rules and scientifically proven algorithms

Trendsetting planning for the future

The globalisation is followed by an increase of flexibility and dynamics:
We are living in a world of networks and connections, where global teams are nothing new, while the processes need their updates, yet. Hence, the buzzwords ‘industry 4.0’ and ‘factory 4.0’ are heard everywhere. Well, you do have to keep up with tomorrow’s requirements, thus your planning and material planning need to be upgraded to ‘4.0’ as well to efficiently support your digital(ised) production process. DISKOVER Aerospace helps you to outomatise your planning procedures by

  • customised interfaces for the regular data transfer,
  • a high level of transparency across all customer forecasts and
  • automatic recognition and filling of gaps in your forecast.

DISKOVER Aerospace automatically generates reports which indicate where exactly you attention is needed Thus, you can pay more attention to occurring exceptions and less on manual controlling.

Mit DISKOVER machen Sie auch Ihre IT glücklich

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Top-level Support

To ensure DISKOVER Aerospace is always on top of the recent planning and material planning, we permanently optimise DISKOVER Aerospace and customise it to your needs. In addition, you do not only get the software, but you can also rely on our support concerning methods, use and customisations. Regular releases keep your system updated – without causing any additional effort in your IT department!

Whitepaper DISKOVER Aerospace

How and why DISKOVER Aerospace simplifies planning and material planning in the aerospace industry, is comprised in our whitepaper.

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