A short summary of DISKOVER’s features. If you need more information or are interested in a web presentation, please feel free to contact us.

Precise Demand Forecasting
Demand Forecasting

The quality of your market and demand forecasts is a vital point in the question of how low you can actually keep stocks in your supply chain.

Our demand forecasting offers effective, simulative optimised forecasts which match even with irregular demands and a rate of readiness for delivery of more than 95 %. DISKOVER uses nonparametric statistical methods to safeguard even high rates of readiness for delivery and improves forecasts for items of irregular, strongly varying demands using stochastic forecasting methods.

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Reliable Sales Forecasting
Sales Forcasting

The more demand for a certain product varies, the more important the field sales force gets for the compilation of forecasts. Promotions and/or projects slip from purely statistical forecasts, too.

The SF features allows you to integrate your field sales force easily and comfortably into the forecasting process.

Of course, DISKOVER can also compile and show forecasts on more than just product level: just take a look at the product-area level or the product-sales-channel level. This way, the field sales agents receive only forecast values they need in their fields of activity.



Accurate End-of-Life Forecasting

Some companies annually freshly develop up to one third of all products and phase out many other articles. This is also the case in some branches.

Reliable demand forecasts may save you a lot of money in such cases. Did you have to depend on your sales and marketing teams’ estimations up to now? DISKOVER’s IFD feature allows you to get much more precise figures. We have developed this feature in cooperation with Medion AG. Medion uses this feature as a strategic tool to safeguard and increase profit and reduce risks.

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Clear Ordering Proposals

Scheduling compiles order proposals for any item. These proposals include the preset scheduling procedures as well as the prospective demands as appointed in the forecast. DISKOVER immediately generates the scheduling results plus any change in amount, date or key data and represents it in a graphic or tabular presentation of the scheduling sheet.

Many specific additional features assist you perfectly with complex scheduling tasks: from control of parts to be discontinued over combined shipping to capacity planning and ATP (available to promise) calculation.


Perfectly Maintained Key Data
Optimisation of Scheduling Parameters

You prefer scheduling in your ERP system? DISKOVER’s DTB feature enables you to create and simulatively optimise decision tables and rule sets for the key data as well as planning, controlling and scheduling parameters in your ERP system. In this way, the system is able to meet the logistical targets.

With little effort only, DISKOVER also keeps the data quality of your ERP system up to date. This is a task, which your schedulers could not manage without specific system support.


Easily Available Analyses
Portfolio Analysis

Use DISKOVER’s portfolio analysis feature to comfortably analyse your range of products, your simulations or any other object – just as easily as in a pivot chart in MS Excel™.

You simply create your own analyses via drag and drop and access them with the push of a button.


Calculate Value Streams and More
Simulation of Logistics

DISKOVER provides you with a powerful simulation tool to help you with optimising your scheduling decisions as much as your planning and scheduling methods. You can even use it to calculate entire value added streams and chains and supply networks.

The simulation processes support many features automatically, optimising analyses, planning and scheduling results in the background, so the user does not even notice.

Automatic and Easy Reporting

Providing lists with KPI, master data for articles or other business objects is indispensable in modern business. DISKOVER allows so provide any kind of data list with a few clicks and without training required.

Define reports, export reports to MS©-Excel; mail reports automatically or store reports in a file system; sort and group data, aggregate values.

Be always informed

Modern operations are managed and controlled by KPIs. The DISKOVER dashboard keeps you in touch with logistics operations, on any device and wherever you are.

Select your relevant KPIs, select chart type, drill down into details, receive up-to-date information on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Smooth and fast data exchange with suppliers
Supplier Portal
With the DISKOVER Supplier Portal cooperation with suppliers is easy and efficient. Inquieries and order can be placed easily and can be answered convieniently by your suppliers.
integration with DISKOVER ensures that all data and information flows smoothly between you and your suppliers. The DISKOVER supplier portal can also work directly with your ERP-system without the DISKOVER basic module package.

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