Even though you already have a well working ERP-System, the colleagues in planning and scheduling keep asking for more IT support and your management for lower stocks? DISKOVER helps you to meet all these requirements without much effort concerning implementation and support.


DISKOVER’s Features
Tuning for your ERP system

DISKOVER is a tuning tool for your ERP system. It supplements the APS features your schedulers might want. DISKOVER also helps to maintain any item or material specific planning, controlling and scheduling parameter (“optimisation of scheduling parameters”).

To do so, DISKOVER stores and uses differentiated rule sets and decision tables. You may also use DISKOVER’s simulation engine to examine and improve the effects of rule sets and actions – and thus achieve the target readiness for delivery and lowest-possible stocks.


DISKOVER for Manager
Use as a black box system

Depending on the objectives and challenges, you can use DISKOVER to execute certain tasks and provide your ERP system with the data in the background.

The planners and schedulers do not necessarily have to handle DISKOVER themselves. Optimisation of scheduling parameters, for instance, can simply run in the background. You may also calculate effective item-specific demand forecasts in the background which you can then upload as planned independent requirements back into your ERP system.


DISKOVER for Planners and Schedulers
Smooth implementation into your existing IT environment

Data exchange between DISKOVER and your ERP system may happen in different ways. There is a sophisticated and easy-to-configure interface to SAP systems which, therefore, some of our customers use to extract data from the SAP system, even if it is not processed in DISKOVER.

If you have a different ERP system, the data exchange usually happens via data link. Depending on how up-to-date the data must be, exchange may happen live, daily, weekly or monthly..


Matching Data Model
High functional flexibility and independent of your ERP system’s data model

ERP systems are generalists, offering an extensive range of features for any division of a company.

This affects their data model. DISKOVER’s data model is perfectly adapted to APS demands, as we have greatly put emphasis on our software’s modularity. This allows us to develop and implement additional features as well as client-specific demands with little effort.

All-Inclusive Support
No user support necessary

As you simply lease DISKOVER and its license, you do not need to provide any user support. Our service centre takes care of any assistance your users might want.

We also take care of patches and updates. If an update is due, the system informs the user of it and one click is enough to keep the client up-to-date.

Still, you decide which tasks our service centre shall or may perform and which ones you want to perform yourself. So your sovereignty of the IT environment remains unaffected.


Scope of Services
No testing after software updates

Any customer-specific adaption of DISKOVER is compatible to the next update. The functionality tests after an update are included in the leasing contract. And as DISKOVER does not run on your host system, but on an independent data model, the interface only needs readjustment if you change the ERP systems data model.

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