Scope of Services

Maintenance of software and updates

If you should choose DISKOVER, neither you nor your IT department will have to deal with maintenance or updates. Our service centre takes care of it all.

Tests after updates

Forget inconvenient software tests after every update. We have already tested your update before we have installed it on your release of DISKOVER. That is part of our all-inclusive service.

User support

During the use of a software, even if it is as user-oriented as DISKOVER, there is always a moment when a problem appears. Be it a simple question of “how to use this” or a more complex question of “how exactly does that work”: Please feel free to contact our service centre with any problem concerning DISKOVER or even planning or scheduling. The support is included in the leasing contract.

Also, our experts are looking forward to solve any problem you might have, as this is valuable information for us, too. You are giving us useful hints on where to improve our software.

Exception Guard

The exception guard feature allows our team of experts to continuously monitor your DISKOVER system. We survey the operation and configuration of your system release with an alert monitor. This way we are ensuring your system’s perfect configuration and avoid any critical planning, scheduling or forecast scenarios.

Strategic scheduling

To enable DISKOVER to effectively support your logistical strategy, we semi-annually contact your logistics management and your SCM. A change of the company’s strategy, new or changing markets, a new scope of products – we need to know about any of these developments to support your logistical strategy adequately and make sure, DISKOVER does its best for you. We call this “strategic scheduling” and it is also part of DISKOVER’s all-inclusive service.

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