Inside Story Gremlin Electronics

Gremlin Electronics

Long replenishment time and purchasing restrictions such as container completion are a constant challenge in planning.

Combined with an enormous variety of changes in the range of goods plus fluctuation in amounts and schedules of demands, this will quickly lead to overstocking or low delivery readiness, when managed in mainly manual planning processes. The trading company Gremlin Electronics Inc.*) in Great Britain has accepted this challenge and reduced stock while raising delivery readiness in the face of slow purchasing and highly fluctuating demands. With the help of some consultancy advice and the application of an APS system, demand planning and material planning improved significantly alongside with IT support.

*) Name changed for reasons of business policy.

Inside Story Hansa-Flex


DISKOVER SCO Optimises Distribution in Over 250 Stores

HANSA-Flex is Europe’s leading system provider in fluid technology and added value partner for companies of any size. Since the impact of fluid technology deepens globally, the expectations of the users in all economic branches increase, in Germany and across the globe.

In addition to individually customised hydraulic hoses HANSA-Flex also offers a wide range of connecting components for hydraulic systems. Each item is either immediately available or on site within 24 hours. The successful principle by which HANSA-FLEX operates has a simple name: system partnership. The dimension and depth of products and services launches HANSA-FLEX straight to the top of after-sales support and increasingly also as an OEM. The tight web of stores and mobile service units allows HANSA-FLEX to act right by the customer’s side and deliver fast and competently. The products HANSA-FLEX offers are requested in any place where machines, factories or heavy machinery operate. The customers’ systems must run smoothly, safely and reliably around the clock. Availability is key, since downtime has a price. And it is HANSA-FLEX’ key competence: high availability and quick aid directly on site.

Inside Story TROST SE

Trost SE

Trost Counts on Automation in Material Planning

Let us begin with a quite ordinary key figure: in a company which has conventional material planning, one material planner is responsible for about 1.000 to 5.000 active items. In companies with automated material planning, the number of items may rise above 100.000 items per material planner! So, it is quite profitable to take a closer look at automating material planning and learn about the possibilities and experiences in this field. This article demonstrates how the company Trost mapped their logistic business model on rule sets and decision tables and automated most of their processes.

Trost SE’s main field of business is the supply of car and truck repair shops with attachments and spare parts. The company’s 150 stores supply the European market and generated a turnover of 800 million Euros in 2014. Customer satisfaction is the main concern for the 4.000 employees. Thus, high availability and reliable delivery of high quality items must be on point. But of course, since this is a highly competitive market, the pricing must be very reasonable as well. In summary, Trost must outperform the competitors and offer low prices to last in this very logistics laden business.

Inside Story ASAJ Sp. Z o.o.

ASAJ Sp. Z o.o.

Supply Chain Optimisation for A Wholesaler of Electronics

If wholesalers want to succeed in the age of the internet, they must be able to deliver more items at short notice – and increasingly so. To keep stock on hand from exploding, especially if you are dealing with a hundred thousand items or more, you need automated scheduling to decrease stock levels, maintain or increase service levels and prevent labour costs from skyrocketing. An advanced planning & scheduling software (APS software) like DISKOVER, made by SCT Supply Chain Technologies in Germany, manages these tasks effectively. Thus, the experience of the FEGIME Member and Wholesaler ASAJ.

Inside Story HAMA


Meeting the planning dynamics in an agile and reactive manner

“Flexible standards” may sound like a contradiction in terms at first sight. In reality, however, it is the intersection of the positive aspects of two strategies, as in the case of the contradictory sounding “mass customization”, which combines the advantages of mass production (e.g. scaling effects) with the increasingly demanded customer individualization.

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