DISKOVER for Managers


DISKOVER for Planners and Schedulers
Improvement of readiness of delivery

An adequate readiness of delivery is strategically vital for a successful company. Every additional iota of readiness for delivery means more costs and less profit. With its simulations running in the background, DISKOVER ensures the precise adherence of your target readiness for delivery.

Are you unhappy with your company’s current readiness for delivery? Just name the target value and DISKOVER will accordingly adjust the material throughput of the entire added value chain and your supply chain.


Reduction of stocks

Keeping stocks low will only work under two conditions:

  1. The approachable and necessary amount of stocks in regards to the target readiness for delivery must be given.
  2. The ERP system must be able to compile and realise matching forecasts and scheduling recommendations.

Usually, ERP systems cannot handle such challenges. DISKOVER’s simulations precisely tackle these challenges and do not even have to bother the user with it. The quality of the scheduling recommendations grants the users’ acceptance, so there is no risk of regular overmodulation.

Automatic Procedures
Streamlining of planning and scheduling procedures

The high quality of DISKOVER’s forecasts and scheduling recommendations enables you to speed up and automate planning and scheduling procedures. A probable rationalisation of 35 % to 55 % is the result.

Clean Window

Clearer Scheduling
Repeatable and reliable planning and scheduling results even with employees with little experience or personnel turnover

Intuition alone is a bad counsellor, especially in scheduling situations. This has been proven in numerous studies. If employees have only little experience, relying on intuition is even less safe. Personnel turnover, holiday or sickness covers often clearly show the little repeatability of planning and scheduling decisions. DISKOVER’s high-quality forecasts and scheduling recommendations replace intuition with realistic and professional recommendations. As a result, you will find dramatically less fluctuation in scheduling quality.

Dank der hohen Qualität der Prognosewerte und Dispositionsvorschläge in DISKOVER treten sachlich- und fachlich belastbare und glaubwürdige Empfehlungen an die Stelle des Bauchgefühls. Sie werden feststellen, dass Schwankungen der Dispositionsqualität drastisch zurückgehen.

More clarity in the logistical performance

Judgement needs measurement – improvement needs judgement.

Do you want to control planning and scheduling results top-down? DISKOVER has more than extensive, yet comfortable and applicable controlling features to offer. It also provides regular reports and key figures via email or to your iPhone.


Cost-effective added value chain

You may render your added value chain as cost-effective as possible, if you equilibrate the storage costs of the entire added value chain against its costs of flexibility (setup costs, procurement costs, personnel turnover,…).

DISKOVER’s multitude of simulation possibilities enables you to simulate the effects of different logistical strategies before you actually apply them – without any risk. In this fashion, you can balance your added value chain as cost-effectively as possible.

Accurate Forecasts
Identification of possibilities for improvement

Are you looking for possibilities to improve your added value chain as well as your planning and scheduling procedures? And do you receive many different recommendations? How do you know which actions actually will improve matters and which will not?

Just simulate the different approaches to improvement in DISKOVER and find out the ones that work – and the ones that fail.

By the way: unlike many other companies, we do not mean simple calculations when we speak of simulations. We mean the real McCoy, and only DISKOVER has a true simulation feature. Even more so, this feature is the functional core of the entire system.


Leasing Modell
No investments

Forget costly software investments which need years of amortisation and reduce your liquidity.

You may rent DISKOVER and its service package on basis of a monthly fee. Which, in fact, you could simply pay off the additional profits you gain by using DISKOVER. There is no costly software investment binding you for years to dissatisfying service. We only earn our money if you are contented. If you ever should be unhappy with our service, you can simply withdraw from the contract.

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