DISKOVER for Planners & Schedulers

Being a planner or a scheduler means a lot of work: Customers want their goods delivered on time, management wants stocks to be as low as possible and lots of item and material data need maintaining. DISKOVER helps you to fulfill all these requirements!


DISKOVER for Manager
Safe decisions in daily routine

Even before you have started completing DISKOVER’s suggested actions or have taken a look at a certain item, DISKOVER has thoroughly dealt with it:

The system has optimised any demand forecast or scheduling recommendation in comprehensive simulation sessions, so you do not have to bother with the details. Whether you want to have the last word or if you want automated forecasts and scheduling of certain items or products, it depends on the settings you choose and may tune to fit your needs.


Simple and comfortable handling

Making the right forecast or scheduling decision requires complex consideration and analysis. Yet, you do not have to bother with this, as DISKOVER does it all for you in the background. Thus the handling is quite simple.

Excellent planning results even with little experience

Not every user has known “his” items and their biography as much as their “tale of woe” for years. And not every planner or scheduler has spent half of his life on the job yet. DISKOVER lends users with little experience a hand, leads them to the items which currently need attention, and recommends the apt way to act. “Old hands”, however, will gladly accept DISKOVER’s assistance, as they can fully focus on the problematic cases now.

Clean Window

Clearer scheduling
Straight access to any information

Whether you are planning or scheduling, whether you want to analyse data or want to check analysis reports: Any task is just a click away and any required information is clearly arranged in one screen.

Also, DISKOVER offers many different prearranged reports and data analyses which you can easily adapt to your needs. Just as comfortable is configuring new reports and data analyses. So forget complicated queries and filtering tools. Let DISKOVER show you how easy it can be.

Improved Readiness for Delivery
Safe achievement of targets

Excellent readiness for delivery without any inventory – sometimes, planning and scheduling requirements seem a little unrealistic.

Using its simulation procedures, DISKOVER does more than just continuously calculating the required item-specific target stocks for maintenance of the target readiness for delivery. It also recommends the apt demand forecasts, safety stocks, amounts of production and purchase as well as the matching deadline for ordering. And if a target readiness for delivery should be absolutely unrealistic, DISKOVER also informs you of this fact. Safety and clarity for you as much as realistic targets are the result..

More Accurate Forecasts
Swifter handling of tasks

In daily routine, you have to make fast decisions which effect costs and readiness for delivery of each product. You bear a great responsibility.

Imagine DISKOVER to be your personal planning and scheduling assistant, compiling your personal to-do list. By this list, you can clearly see and directly access the items and materials which require your attention. Also, you can configure exactly under which circumstances for which items DISKOVER shall automatically decide on forecasts and scheduling. DISKOVER will also recommend actions for the items which remain under your surveillance. DISKOVER has previously simulated and analysed its recommendations so well, you will usually simply agree.

Work More Effectively
More time for and information on problematic cases

As many activities are now automated, recommendations on actions are well prepared and need for action is clearly indicated, your daily routine will take less time, leaving you an opportunity to take better care of the truly critical cases.

Due to DISKOVER’s extensive and easy to handle data analyses and reporting features, you can easily obtain any possible information, even cross-plant or across locations.

All-Inclusive Support
Support in any question of handling

Do you have a question on how to use DISKOVER? Are you wondering how DISKOVER has reached a certain decision?

Just contact your personal support manager in our DISKOVER service centre. Our experts are looking forward to assist you in any possible way. In this way, we can continuously improve DISKOVER’s user friendliness.

Support in any professional question

Do you have a topical question on the software and its development? Are you wondering how to solve a special problem with DISKOVER’s aid? Do you want for a certain feature? In any of these or similar cases, our support team will gladly be of service.

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